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Naomi Takata Shepherd

San Jose, CA

6 Degrees of Hapa is all about celebrating mixed cultures!

6 Degrees of Hapa is all about celebrating mixed cultures!

Welcome to 6 Degrees of Hapa's Threadless Artist Shop!

I'm Naomi Takata Shepherd, the artist and creator behind 6 Degrees of Hapa, and I'm a hapa/mixed Japanese American artist who is passionate about creating work that focuses on intersectional and inclusive narratives. I own 6 Degrees of Hapa, write, design, and create art and films.

I draw inspiration for 6 Degrees of Hapa from my own cultural background by using imagery that has often popped up throughout my life, like the kokeshi dolls from my grandparents’ house. Many of my designs have Hawaiian influences to honor and acknowledge where the word “hapa” comes from. I also try to bring in elements that mixed families can relate to, such as food, because it plays such a strong role across cultures and personal narratives.

What I think of when I hear the term "hapa":

To me, hapa means that you're a mix of cultures. Hapa is a Hawaiian word that has several different meanings, including half, fraction, a part, and it is also used for and by people who come from mixed cultures and heritages!

When I set out to create 6 degrees of Hapa, I set out to create a brand that was not solely about celebrating hapas as individuals, but also about celebrating the family, friends, and community who hold us up and help make us who we are.

My Threadless Artist Shop is where you'll find illustrations/tees that I haven't had a chance to order a big batch of myself and/or tees from past seasons just in case you missed them the first time around! Please check out 6 Degrees of Hapa's online home at 6degreesofhapa.com for more products and info!

Thanks for stopping in and for being a part of the 6º of Hapa Family!

Much love,